Remain healthy and free

On a daily basis, we empower our clients to make the right choices so they remain healthy and free to live their dreams.

Shout-It-Now has developed a unique and highly scalable approach to HIV screening and linkage to care. For young South Africans and their parents who are at risk of being affected by HIV and AIDS, Shout-It-Now offers free, fast and friendly HIV screening and links to Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) for HIV+ clients.

We offer convenient hours and locations via our mobile testing stations, sophisticated technology and vibrant energetic staff who ensure a speedy and respectful experience for our clients, as well as an efficient, effective and scalable model for our funders.

Our teams of 12 – 14 people test between 220 and 250 clients every day at various high traffic locations – to date we have tested over 700,000 South Africans, and we aim to test a further 35,000 every month.

Our education programme remains available online at our testing stations for any client who feels they need more information.

Our Call Centre provides telephonic support to those who test HIV+, and ensures they are linked to care, specifically Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART), through local government clinics.

While we are a secular non-profit organisation, our approach is very similar to running a profit-driven business. Specifically, we establish plans and critically measure our success and failure. Shout-It-Now takes a pragmatic approach to solving problems. We’re to-the-point, non-bureaucratic, efficient and goal-oriented.

Our use of technology means that we are able to efficiently collect data that we analyse to facilitate continuous improvement of our offering. We are able to track multiple demographics, repeat clients, HIV incidence and links to care at the touch of a button. All conversations are also recorded so we can audit our staff performance.

Our staff are highly trained and are recruited using methodologies shared with us by global giant Starbucks, resulting in extremely low staff turnover, and our working environment yields high satisfaction scores from our employees.